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AfterBurn is sold out. Our online invite exchange is located at www.burntoranges.org/invites. Typically 5 – 10% of invites will become available 1 – 2 weeks prior to the event because peoples’ plans change and they cannot make it. Please note, it is illegal for anyone to sell their invite above face value ($60). If someone tries to sell you an invite for more than face value, please get their name and the invite number (if possible) and notify us at info@burntoranges.org. We will void the invite and press charges against anyone attempting to scalp invites to our event.


Core invites are for Board Members, DOGS, and event Coordinators (the people who work year round on these events) only.



Invites are $60.00 and will go on sale on the following dates. You must be logged in on the website to purchase invites.

MANDARIN SALES: August 14 - September 13

RESERVED SALES (Registered Theme Camps and Art, Previous volunteers): September 15 - 19

GENERAL SALES: September 20th, 8PM & September 29th, Noon


Please follow us on Twitter (Burnt_Oranges) or sign up for our mailing list on our website www.burntoranges.org for the latest announcements about invitation sales.

View the current event budget. 

Check out Burnt Oranges Inc. for information on our next event.   

Invitation Policy



No invite, No entry, No joke. You will be turned away at the gate. You cannot gain admittance by volunteering.

Donations are non-refundable.

Resales & Transfers of Invitations

Florida law strictly prohibits the resale of admission to charity events for more than face value.

While we encourage those that are unable to attend the event to transfer their invitations to others that want and deserve to attend, we will fully enforce our rights under Florida scalping law and will also bar the offender from future purchases of invites to our events.

You may not personally benefit from the resale/transfer of an invite by requiring the payment of camp dues or any other non-charitable fees as a condition for the resale/transfer of an invite.  Such a violation is cause for barring you from all Burnt Oranges events for a period of at least one year.

Tax Deductible Charitable Contribution

For federal income tax purposes, you can deduct as a charitable contribution the price of each
invitation less its fair market value. We estimate the fair market value of each invitation to be $15.00.

Carbon Offsets

We encourage everyone attending our events to offset the carbon footprint of their travel. There are many ways to do this including planting a tree, volunteering at a state park, or donations to Native Energy.

Update: 6.1.2011


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