Volunteer Liaison/Info Booth

Volunteer Liaison Responsibilities

The Volunteer Liaisons will educate the community about volunteerism and recruit volunteers. In addition, at the events they will provide information about volunteer opportunities and ensure that volunteers receive their schwag.

Volunteer Liaison Coordinator

Pre-event Duties

  • Join the event planning group
  • Brief Event Organizer at least bi-weekly
  • Monitor liaison shift schedule
  • Solicit volunteers
  • Provide the Event Manager with a count of registered volunteers at least 45 days prior to the event

During Event Duties

  • Arrange for necessary supplies to be transported to event site
  • Arrange for information station to be set up
  • Make sure that Volunteer Liaisons are trained in proper procedures
  • Arrange for volunteer schwag to be distributed
  • Monitor information station on an as needed basis
  • Make sure shifts are being adequately covered
  • Arrange for supplies at information station to be secured when station is closed

Post-event Duties

  • Arrange for supplies to be packed up and transported to designated storage
  • Email a summary of problems, concerns, successes, suggestions to Event Manager

Volunteer Liaisons

During Event Duties

  • Check in/out volunteers for their shifts
  • Provide information about the event and volunteer opportunities to inquiring Participants
  • Distribute volunteer schwag as directed by the Volunteer Liaison Coordinator