Sound Marshalls

Sound Marshal Responsibilities

Sound Marshals are responsible for educating the community about why the rules set forth in the sound policy are important, are entrusted to monitor amplified sound levels, and ensure participants are not violating the sound policy.

Sound Marshal Coordinator

Pre-event Duties

  • Join the event planning group
  • Brief Event Organizer at least bi-weekly
  • Monitor Sound Marshal shift schedule
  • Solicit volunteers
  • Coordinate sound camp registrations with Theme Camp Coordinator

During Event Duties

  • Make sure that sound testing occurs at each sound camp to set initial maximum sound levels
  • Issue Sound Permits
  • Coordinate with the Assistant Event Manager to ensure adequate radio distribution
  • Make sure that Sound Marshal volunteers are trained in proper procedures
  • Make sure shifts are being adequately covered
  • Monitor Sound Log and update Event Organizers of potential problems
  • Solicit new Sound Marshals and volunteers for all departments
  • Arrange for supplies to be secured when event is over
  • Perform any other actions necessary to carry out the sound policy

Post-event Duties

  • Email a summary of problems, concerns, successes, suggestions regarding sound management to Event Manager within (30) days of the end of the event

Sound Marshals

During Event Duties

  • Show up for your shift
  • Assist Sound Marshal Coordinator in conducting initial sound testing of each sound camp
  • Make rounds of the event venue (including listening from the street outside of the event area) monitoring sound levels and enforcing sound policy as necessary
  • Educate the community about why the rules set forth in the sound policy are important
  • Record violations in the Sound Log
  • Recruit new Sound Marshals and volunteers