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What is a Ranger?

Rangers are non-confrontational community mediators who make rounds at the event, investigating and mediating any issues that may arise between camps/participants, responding to emergent situations, educating Participants about event principles/rules, and being the eyes and ears of the community.




Job Descriptions & Duties

Ranger Coordinator

Pre-event Duties

  • Be an active member of the event planning group
  • Brief Event Organizer of department updates monthly (senior Coordinator)
  • Monitor Ranger shift schedule and department structuring
  • Solicit volunteers
  • Inventory supplies & submit order for additional supplies to Event Manager at least 45 days prior to the event

During Event Duties

  • Arrange for Ranger supplies to be transported to event site
  • Coordinate with the Assistant Event Manager to ensure adequate radio distribution
  • Fully understand the emergency operations plans
  • Make sure that Ranger Leads and Ranger volunteers are trained in proper procedures
  • Monitor that Ranger Leads are properly supervising Ranger volunteers
  • Monitor Ranger HQ on an as-needed basis
  • Monitor department radio traffic
  • Check with Ranger Leads to make sure shifts are being adequately covered
  • Coordinate with CATS Lead to ensure burn perimeters are adequately staffed
  • Solicit new Rangers and volunteers for all departments
  • Arrange for supplies at Ranger to be secured when event is over

Post-event Duties

  • Arrange for supplies to be packed up and transported to designated storage
  • Email a summary of problems, concerns, successes, suggestions regarding the Ranger department to Event Manager within (30) days of the end of the event

New Coordinator Team Member process:

  • Coordinator applications can be considered for ranger who have khaki’d for at least 4 events without negative records.
  • Who would like to take on pre-event duties and during event duties.
  • Once you apply by e-mail rangers@burntoranges.org and are approved by the board of directors and coordinator you may the join the coordination team as a prospect and will shadow other coordinators for 2 events.
  • Once the prospect period is over and ranger has shown he/she is up for the task  the new coordinator’s duties will be delegated upon reaching a consensus within the team.
  • Coordinator may be removed from the team by the board or team consensus with boards approval. removal may be considered if coordinator is un-rangerly during the event or otherwise, or is not completing his or her tasks on a regular basis.

Ranger Khaki

During Event Duties

  • Be available for the Thursday pre-event khaki meeting.
  • Show up for your shift
  • Be sober, rested, fed, hydrated, and properly attired.
  • Brief incoming rangers for their shift, reiterate what is happening on the shift and if their are any issues to be aware of while they are on shift.
  • Be familiar with the emergency operations plans available at Ranger HQ
  • Make sure that Ranger volunteers are properly trained in Ranger procedures
  • Act as a mentor to new Rangers
  • Solicit new Rangers and volunteers
  • Be available at Ranger HQ for 30 minutes before and after shift changes to ensure that all Rangers have checked in, have partners, and are dispatched. Brief with prior Khaki (ie: event log, important or ongoing incidents, all medical incidents)
  • Ensure logging of all calls and incidents, Ranger & Medical.
  • Attempt to locate and follow up with “no shows” to educate them about honoring their commitment to the community
  • Monitor Rangers on an as-needed basis to make sure procedures are being followed
  • Monitor schedule and Ranger HQ to make sure shifts are being adequately covered
  • Meet with the Medical Lead of the shift to discuss any issues
  • Report any problems/concerns to Ranger Coordinator
  • Assist Ranger Coordinator as needed

Dirt Rangers

During Event Duties

  • Show up for your shift
  • Be sober, rested, fed, hydrated, and properly attired.
  • Make rounds of the event venue investigating any issues and mediating as appropriate
  • Verify that Participants have adequate supplies
  • Educate Participants about event principals/rules (parking, no ground fires, no unauthorized burns, abide laws, etc.)
  • Recruit new Rangers and volunteers
  • Act as the eyes and ears of the community notifying the Khaki of any emergency
  • Have fun. Remember, we’re Burners first and Rangers second



Contact the Rangers at Rangers@burntoranges.org