Medic Responsibilities

A volunteer Medical Team will be on hand to assist and triage any medical problems or injuries 24 hours a day and emergency evacuation is available.

Medical Coordinator

Pre-event Duties

  • Join the event planning group
  • Brief Event Organizer at least bi-weekly
  • Monitor medical shift schedule
  • Solicit volunteers
  • Inventory supplies & submit order for additional supplies to Event Manager at least 45 days prior to the event

During Event Duties

  • Arrange for Medical supplies to be transported to event site
  • Coordinate with Ranger Coordinator for Ranger/Medical station to be set up
  • Make sure that Medical Volunteers are trained in proper procedures
  • Monitor Medical station on an as needed basis
  • Make sure shifts are being adequately covered

Post-event Duties

  • Arrange for supplies to be packed up and transported to designated storage
  • Email a summary of problems, concerns, successes, suggestions regarding Greeter station to Event Manager

Medical Volunteers

During Event Duties

  • Provide basic medical services as needed.
  • In case of serious injury requiring evacuation, call 911 and then notify Event Coordinator and Rangers.