Theme Camp Registration Form

New for 2016:

1) The theme camp registration questionnaire has changed to improve the placement process.

2) The theme camp placement map used for the last few burns will change for Preheat. Our goal is for Preheat and Afterburn to use different theme camp placement maps to continue the Burning Man tradition of an experimental city.

3) Each Theme Camp or Village organizer will need to arrange for all invites to be handled in one account. We can no longer send individual invites to individual emails and will leave the arrangement of paying for and distributing invites to the camps. Make sure the email provided for Presale Invites is already hooked up to a Burnt Oranges Events account.

4) Changes to the RV/bus vehicles allowed in the camping area. Due to the limited number of vehicles allowed into the camping area, no vehicle that was not designed for sleeping in will be allowed into the camping area (e.g. sleeping in a compact car). There is a designated RV lot adjacent to the event that you may register to park your car in to sleep in.

5) We have been given a goal to reduce early entries to 200. All early entry requests will be reviewed to distribute the early entries based on work to set up the theme camp. We will try to accommodate six early entries for theme camps and ten for villages but cannot guarantee. Theme camps can request more than six but need justification.

6) We are looking to move to barcode early entry passes assigned to a theme camp instead of a participant to allow for better flexibility of the theme camp to manage their early entries.