Theme Camps

Theme Camps are interactive, living art projects where a group of people collaborate to gift experiences, performances, services, resources, or anything else they can conceive. They embody gifting and interactive art, two of the key Burning Man experiences.

The only boundaries of a Theme Camp are your imagination and desire. Theme Camps have gifted food, libations, music, and massage, while others have simply created welcoming spaces for people to gather, interact, or even grab a much needed nap. But a Theme Camp does not have to be limited to the borders of its camping area, a Theme Camp can be a group of performers that roam the event together giving rouge performances or evening coaxing participants back to their camp.

If you are inspired to invite people into your space, create an interactive environment, or offer special services and would like to be mentioned on this website and have space reserved in our Theme Camp area, please register your theme camp. Registered Theme Camps qualify for reserved invitations while supplies last. Reservations are only valid for a limited time; you will not be able to use your reservations to purchase invites after the deadline passes.

Theme Camp Registration is open from:

PreHeat: December 14 – April 14
AfterBurn: June 1 – November 1

To qualify for reserved invitations you must register your theme camp by:

PreHeat: February 14th
AfterBurn: September 12th

Invitation Reservations are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis and the quantity of Reservations is limited.

Click to Register your Theme Camp

To receive early entry and be included in our What When Where Guide, you must register your theme camp by:

PreHeat: April 1st
AfterBurn: October 25th

After Reserved sales end, please do not register your camp until after you have purchased your invites.