Art Registration


If you are planning on bringing large scale art please register in advance so we can set aside space. Register your Art Project here!


Creative Interactive Grants

A percentage of the invite sales are set aside for micro-grants to artists that fill out the Creative Interactive Grant Proposal form and link us to a qualifying budget. Your Creative Interactive Grant can request up to $599.

Fill out the Creative Interactive Grants Proposal form and submit your budget by the dates listed below:

Creative Interactive Grants Proposal submission due dates:

First Round: 14-18 weeks pre-event
Second Round: 12-9 weeks pre-event


Creative Interactive Grants recipients will be announced by:

First round: 17 weeks pre-event
Second round: 8 weeks pre-event


Creative Interactive Grants are open to anyone showing serious intent and working to produce original material.

You are not eligible to apply if:

  • You have received an Creative Interactive Grants  within the last two years.
  • You are a past Creative Interactive Grants recipient and have not submitted a grant summary letter as specified in your Grant Agreement.
  • You are a Burnt Oranges staff or board member.