Vehicle & Parking Policy


All vehicles,campers, trailers and other moving devices other then approved art cars and staff golfcarts will be anchored for the duration of the event.

This means, that when you arrive you will unpack your gear at your camp spot and then park your car in the car lot. Once you park your car, IT AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE. This means, BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED for the entire time you will be at the event. There are no “daily trips into town.” You will not be permitted to leave the property during the hours when the gates are closed.

You will have 1 hour from the time of your arrival to unpack your vehicle and move it to the designated parking area outside of the event area.

If you will be camping in your vehicle/RV Or Bus  and you want to camp in the main event area, we encourage you to  decorate or disguise your vehicle. We don’t want to be reminded of the default world while we are at the event and we don’t want to create a parking lot look in the event area.


RV and bus camping in the main event area is limited. You must reserve a space for your RV or bus in the main event area or you will be required to park in the designated RV area adjacent to the main event area. Please email and include – Name – vehicle type – Are you requesting to park the RV or bus in open camping or at your theme camp (provide name of camp) A volunteer will follow up with you to place your RV’s or bus in either a theme camps assigned lot or in the open camping RV lot. RVs and buses are not allowed to park in the open camping shaded areas. All RV or bus requests must be received no later than two weeks prior to the event start date or the RV or Bus will only be permitted to park outside of the main event in the parking lot.

Art Cars

The number of Art Cars allowed in the event area is limited. No undecorated golf carts are allowed. You must pre-register your Art Car by emailing


updated: 10.13.2016