Survival Guide

Location and Directions:

The event is held at Maddox Ranch, located at:
Maddox Ranch
2405 West Bella Vista Street
Lakeland, FL 33810.

From either direction, you exit I-4 at Kathleen Rd and go South (a right if coming from Tampa, left if from Orlando). After only 0.5 miles, you will make a right at Fairbanks St (there’s a light and a Penske truck rental). Carefully follow that road around the curve (it’s now called W Bella Vista) and over the freeway bridge. The event entrance is immediately on your right.

Use the entrance closest to the big dirt pile and freeway. Do not enter into the residence’s driveway toward the house. Welcome Home.


Gate Hours:

Thursday: 9am – 10pm – you MUST be PRE-APPROVED or have an Early Entry Code
Friday: 9am – midnight
Saturday: 9am – 8pm

EXODUS: The gates will be locked at 8pm on Saturday and will not reopen until 8am on Sunday. Once the gates close you will not be permitted to leave the property until Sunday morning except for emergency circumstances. You must begin departure by 10am on Monday.

Entry & Exit will ONLY be permitted during gate hours. You WILL NOT be allowed to enter or exit when the gates are closed.

If you have not arrived by 6PM on Saturday your invitation is VOID and you will be turned away unless you have made prior arrangements for a late arrival. If you think you will not arrive by 8PM on Saturday you MUST call, text, or email Storm or Johnie5 by 8PM on Saturday to make arrangements for your late arrival.

If you are setting up a Theme Camp or art installation that requires extra time for setup and/or teardown, please contact email to make arrangements for early arrival. You MUST be PRE-APPROVED in order to arrive prior to Friday 9:00 am. Contact us at


Possession, sale, and/or consumption of illegal drugs is a violation of federal law. Though this event is held on private land, all participants are still subject to federal, state, and local laws. Please be aware and observe them at all times.


The event is an experiment in temporary community where everyone is not just invited, but required to participate. We hope you get to make the most of your experience with us, and help add to the experience of others. While you are welcome to express yourself freely, we do have some rules to help keep everything more safe and comfortable for everyone. Here’s a quick run-down of the basics to get you started. You can download the complete Survival Guide here.

  • No guns.
  • No pets.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by their parent.
  • Bring ID.
  • No invite, no entry. No joke.
  • No food/water/shade/shelter, no entry. Not kidding here either.
  • No ins/outs.
  • No open ground fires. Personal fires must be contained in a burn barrel.
  • No Littering. LEAVE NO TRACE. Pack it in, pack it OUT!
  • No trash in the port-o-potties.
  • No Vending. This is a gift economy.
  • No Spectators. PARTICIPATE! Volunteer!
  • Observe the Laws of the Land.
  • Observe the Fire Rules.
  • Respect your fellow human.


You must read our Survival Guide in its entirety before attending. Much of what’s in the survival guide is common sense, and the rest is real useful advice, but you’ve got to read it all before you arrive. You may also want to check out our Supplies List, which outlines some basic necessities you will need for the event.


Information for the media, photographers, etc.

the Event is a private event. “Embedded” press is not welcome. Commercial use of images taken at the Event is strictly prohibited without prior consent of the Event organizers. Personal media, pictures, images, and recordings of participants or their art without their consent is prohibited.

As a general note: at all times ASK for permission to take pictures, if you plan on publishing on the internet, you must get written permission from the subject of the photo or footage… while they are completely sober.


Cars will be anchored for the duration of the event.

This means, that when you arrive you will unpack your gear at your camp spot and then park your car in the car lot. Once you park your car, IT AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE. This means, BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED for the entire time you will be at the Event. There are no “daily trips into town.”


Fires will only be allowed in designated areas.

This ain’t the desert, folks. We’re somebody’s personal property with plenty of highly combustible trees and grass, and other organics. PLEASE respect the fire areas. No open ground fires will be allowed at personal camping areas. All personal fires must be contained in some type of burn barrel. If you’ve got something you wanna burn, please contact:


Removal & Barring from Event

Violations that will lead to your removal from the Event and possibly barring from future events include:

Automatic Lifetime Ban:

• Sexual Assault
• Violence with a weapon

Up to Lifetime Ban:

• Any infraction that can/would result in our insurance being cancelled, such as the use of fireworks, unauthorized burns, etc.
• Felonies
• Misdemeanors
•Offenses deemed by the community as warranting barring


• Offenders may be immediately ejected from events by either Board members or Planning Committee Coordinators if there is no question of fact. If the facts of the offense are in question, then at least one Board member and a Planning Committee Coordinator must be contacted. They will investigate the incident and make a determination regarding ejection.

• Within 30 days after the offense, a hearing before at least 1/3 of the Board will be held to review the offense. If, as a result of that hearing the Board members present feel that barring is needed, a meeting of the full board will be called to vote on the barring. If the full Board is present at the initial hearing, the vote on the barring may take place at that time. If the Board members present at the initial hearing determine that barring is not necessary, they may impose any other appropriate penalty without calling a meeting of the full Board.


• 1st offense – may be barred for up to 1 year
• 2nd offense – may be barred for up to 2 years
• 3rd offense – may be barred for life

• Barring includes all events produced or organized by BOI within the time span listed in the ban.

Info for 1st Timers (Virgins)

Written by: Christian Torres on the Florida Burns’ FaceBook Page 10/06/15. (Slightly edited for this web page)

Preheat and Afterburn are not official Burning Man Florida regional burns. Although they are not official, they follow the 10 principles of Burning Man. Read them and learn them.

This is a pack it in and pack it out, leave no trace event. You are expected to be self reliant. I know this sounds like a bunch of people just keeping to themselves all day but trust me it’s not.

It’s also non-commodity. No buying no selling.

First burn, I am not saying you have to but volunteering is a great way to meet people get involved and a way to secure a reserved invite for the next event! You will see why this is important after your first time. Highly recommended.

Invites ( tickets but not): general invites go on sale numerous times.  Click here for the dates.

They sell out quick. Create an account on before and be ready to click as soon as they go up. A tip that helps, is to know that the system holds invites for people that click on them for 30 minutes. If they do not get purchased, they become available again.

The Facebook page is not an official information source. Try to find the answer on the websites or ask us before posting. The snark is real and you run the risk of being called out for not being self reliant. Especially if you ask something that has been answered.

Gifting is awesome and encouraged. Info on the site under 10 principals.

There is running water there but its a hose in the middle of a clearing. Bring your own drinking water! No water, no food, no shelter, no entry. We are lucky at this location because there are “showers”. The most special thing about them is they are there. They are a big luxury. It’s a row of stalls with a shower curtain in front. The water is warm before and a little after the morning rush. If you’re looking for it, I estimate 80-95% privacy. What I mean is I have showered with only half a curtain and if you get the curtain closed you can still see the head and shoulders of the person in the next stall. But its a luxury and no one cares.

I want to stress that you will have more fun if you participate and not just spectate. No one is there to entertain you. The fire flyer will be released closer to the start of the event with a link on the Facebook page and on the web site. That will list activities being offered by different theam camps. It also provides a general layout of the grounds and camps. By the way you can volunteer for all of this and more hint hint.

Oh and bring your own cup with a lid is helpful, bowl, and utensils.

This is by far not all the information you need. Like invites need to be printed and waver filled out prior to arrival. Look through the information on the web site. Join the Facebook page. Have an open mind and participate!