Registered Theme Camps

Below is the list of the registered theme camps for this event.  To register your Theme Camp, please go to the registration page.

Please be aware that trampolines are no longer allowed due to recent serious accidents are other events.


AfterBurn 2015 Current Registered Theme Camp List

Afterburn 2015 Registered Theme Camps to date:



Ancient Arts

Ginger Camp

Camp Misfortune

Camp Shaneequa

Garden of Flow

Soul Kitchen

Shangri La La Saloon

Camp Funk Evolution

Camp Psychonaut

Mixed Elixir

Camp Java

The Violet Flames

Camp Creepshow


Band Camp


Hitachi Tragic Wand

W.A.D.D. Radio 89.1 FM

Camp 42 Again

BDCC – Balls Deep Country Club featurng caddie Darren Holley

The Shameless Sexytime Soiree

Baroque n’ Bourgeoisie

Navi’s Bike Share

Camp No Name


The Neighborhood Hangout

Bloody Hell

Pokémon Safari Zone

Space Bar / Space Camp

CKT Special Delivery by Papa Bear Brian Alvear

Camp Momoste

#fuckflorida aka Hashtag Fuck Florida

Florida Logo

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