Event Policies

Possession, sale, and/or consumption of illegal drugs is a violation of federal

law. Though this event is held on private land, all participants are still

subject to federal, state, and local laws. Please be aware and observe them at

all times.

Sound Turn Down Policy

We must respect the land owners and their neighbors, so there will be sound limits and quiet hours. Please read our official sound policy for the specific rules and requirements.

Basic Rules

The event is an experiment in temporary community where everyone is not just invited, but required to participate. We hope you get to make the most of your experience with us, and help add to the experience of others. While you are welcome to express yourself freely, we do have some rules to help keep everything more safe and comfortable for everyone. Here’s a quick run-down of the basics to get you started. You can download the complete Survival Guide here.

  • No drones or UAVs.
  • Drinking and driving is not allowed. This includes bikes, carts, and other motorized/wheeled vehicles.  If you see something, please report it to a ranger.
  • No boosted bass after 11pm. No amplified sound after 2am
  • No fireworks/guns/personal lasers (soundcamp lighting is still allowed.).
  • No pets.
  • No feeding the animals.
  • No glass containers.  Save our feet, the pool, and the animals.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by their parent.
  • Bring ID.
  • No invite, no entry. No joke.
  • No food/water/shade/shelter, no entry. Not kidding here either.
  • No ins/outs.
  • No open ground fires. Personal fires must be contained in a burn barrel.
  • No Littering. LEAVE NO TRACE. Pack it in, pack it OUT!
  • No trash in the port-o-potties.
  • No Vending. This is a gift economy.
  • No Spectators. PARTICIPATE! Volunteer!
  • Observe the Laws of the Land.
  • Observe the Fire Rules.
  • Respect your fellow human(s).
  • Hammocks and/or tents must be no more than five feet off the ground.
  • Photography without consent is against the rules and may result in ejection.  This is a big deal.
  • Consent is a VERY big deal.  Ask before you touch/spank/fondle anything that is not on your own body.


You must read our Survival Guide in its entirety before attending. Much of what’s in the survival guide is common sense, and the rest is real useful advice, but you’ve got to read it all before you arrive. You may also want to check out our Supplies List, which outlines some basic necessities you will need for the event.

Pack It In – Pack It Out!

This is a Leave No Trace event. There are no dumpsters or trash service. Whatever you bring into the event you must take out with you, including your garbage. Our community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.

BRING LOTS OF GARBAGE BAGS! Shedding excess packaging is a good idea to do BEFORE you come out. Cigarette butts, pistachio nut shells, plastic baggies, wrappers, paper plates, you name it… if you pack it in, PACK IT OUT! This also applies to sequins, feathers, buttons or any other costume finery that may fall off (or be rubbed off) and left on the ground as MOOP.

MOOP: (acronym): Matter Out Of Place. 1. Anything on the ground that nature didn’t put there.

Just the LNT Tips

Throw out whatever you can before you leave the house. Remove wrappings from packages, remove items from boxes before packing, etc. Attempt to bring fewer items that will require disposal.  Avoid disposable cups, plates, and/or utensils. Don’t buy them ever, they’re bad for the environment. Bring your own cup, plate, and utensil. A cup with a carabiner attached to a belt is great way to ensure you always have your cup.

Ejection from Event

Violations that will lead to your immediate removal from the Event include, but are not limited to:

Plus Automatic Lifetime Ban:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Violence with a weapon

Plus Up to Lifetime Ban:

  • Any infraction that can/would result in our insurance being cancelled or the event being closed down by the authorities, such as the use of fireworks, unauthorized burns, sound ordinance violations, etc.
  • Felonies


Offenders will be immediately ejected from events by either Board members or Planning Committee Coordinators if there is no question of fact. If the facts of the offense are in question, then at least one Board member and a Planning Committee Coordinator must be contacted. They will investigate the incident and make a determination regarding ejection.