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PreHeat is place where Burners from various cultures, backgrounds, and ideologies gather to participate in a temporary community filled with interactive art, music, and radical self expression. It is a place that exists only because those that attend choose to create it and is a direct expression of their collective and diverse visions. PreHeat is an official Regional Burn and as such the 10 Principles of Burning Man act as the cornerstone of PreHeat, but our expression of those principles extends far beyond the Playa.

There is no definition for Participation, rather it is up to each individual to determine its meaning to him and to appreciate the interpretations of others. Some choose to gift handmade trinkets, some gift their art or talent, and some their time; whatever form it takes the only common thread is that it is about sharing of yourself with your community and having the freedom to do so in whatever way you are comfortable.

Community, participation, self-expression, self-reliance, and generosity of heart are the lifeblood of the Burning Man community. Welcome to PreHeat!


For many it is about sharing ourselves and who we are: our inherent arts, gifts, and talents. It is about celebrating the moment together. It is about not only being free to be ourselves, but also being able to bring out the best in each other. It is about the overwhelming creativity and inspiration, the smiles and hugs, the crazy art, the antics, and the fire. Community, participation, self-expression, self-reliance; these tenets are also lifeblood of the Burning Man community. Thus, as a guide for your journey we have included a link to the 10 Principles from the Burning Man website that we believe are also integral to the AfterBurn experience even though AfterBurn is not an official regional burn. Read them, and reflect on how they operate in your own life.

With AfterBurn we will create our own experimental community, burn our own effigy, and PARTICIPATE in our own back yard! There are no rules about how one must behave or express oneself at this event (save the rules that serve to protect the health, safety, and the community at large). Rather, it is up to each participant to decide what and how they will contribute to our community. Whether you are new to the Burner experience or are a seasoned veteran, you are encouraged to reach into and connect with yourself to find your niche in our community. Participate! The giving of yourself is the greatest gift you can give to your community, and is imperative to the survival of this unique experiment.

AfterBurn is an official fundraiser for Burnt Oranges Inc. All funds raised from AfterBurn will go directly toward funding the art grants and operations of Burnt Oranges, including our annual Interactive Art Grant.

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