Board of Directors

Mike Hawk, Sara Laroux, Brian Smith (LostBoy), Melissa Mohney (Mo), Jennifer Holley.


Event Coordinator
Mike Hawk

DOGS Coordinator
Rob Leaman:

Team Contacts
General Info:
Theme Camps:
Art Grant Committee:

Other Leads
CATS and Open Fire Coordinator: Mike Hawk
CATS Conclave and Fire Safety Team: John Snapp, Meredith Ewen
CATS Fire Effects Coordinator (Propane Arts): Jaclyn Corum
CATS Perimeter Team: Scorch Chastain
GLOO Lead: Tracy Stemples
Info Booth and Volunteering: Justin Brown
Medical Coordinator: Daisy MG
Rangers Coordinators: Chris Kuivenhoven, Mike Hawk, Thomas Barrett
Rangers Coordinator in Training: Sandblaster
Sound Marshall: Jason Feder
Theme Camp Registration/Placement: Keith Regentine
Web Team: Sully Shipldiplson
Welcome Home Crew (Gate/Greeters): Sheerly Harari, Jennifer Boyer
Who, What, When, Where Guide: Margaret Meps Schulte