Burnt Oranges Inc – Two Open Board Member Positions

Our Mission: Burnt Oranges is devoted to cultivating interactive art through artist funding and advocacy, by creating supportive venues for interactive artists and performers, and through public education of interactive art.

Our Goal: To increase knowledge and appreciation of interactive art, to provide interactive artists regular opportunities to express themselves, to provide funding for interactive art and art education, to build a community of interactive artists that fosters civic responsibility and cooperation.

We currently have two open positions on our board of directors, and would like to hear from you, our community, if you are interested in becoming a board member! The position entails working with the existing board to support bringing new and innovative art to our Florida communities, as well as being a liaison within the community. Below is a description of the BOI Organization. We ask for a three year commitment, and there is no restriction on geographical location. In addition, you must have 50 hours of BOI volunteer time accumulated, and include a description of those hours in your cover letter. If you are interested, Please forward a cover letter along with a brief resume describing your skills, and why you wish to be part of the board. This can be emailed to: board@burntoranges.org. All applications must be received no later than January 15, 2016. The board will then vote, and new members will be announced no later than February 7, 2016.

BOI Organization

The BOI Board of Directors are responsible for directing the purpose and goals of BOI and making sure that they follow our purpose and goals as stated in our 501c3 documents.  To this end, the BOD decides on major wide-sweeping policies, major capital and grant expenses, and general budget constraints.  Examples of these are policies to ban people from events, large expenditures like purchasing land or spending several thousand dollars to bring an art installation to an event, or specifying that X% of all event profits should be designated for the art grant fund, land fund, etc.

The BOD may also create committees for various projects and give the committees general guidelines.  An example would be the art grant committee.  The BOD creates the committee and specifies what the committee’s goals are; the committee then works out the specific logistics needed to accomplish those goals.

The BOD does not make day-to-day business decisions, for example, what porta potty company should we use or what time to open the gates for an event.  The day-to-day business of BOI is run by the various committees with the President and Vice-President (Officers) responsible for approving specific budgets, ensuring that the committees work within the guidelines provided by the BOD and our 501c3 charter, and referring any major decisions to the BOD.

The Officers may also create administrative positions and/or committees to accomplish goals provided by the BOD and perform necessary administrative/business functions.  Currently, we have 2 committees, the event committee (run by the event coordinator) and the art grant committee.   The committees and the Officers do not need BOD approval as long as they are operating within the general guidelines set by the BOD and our 501c3 charter.


Board of Directors