Creative Interactive Grants Proposal

rocket ship

Thank you for bringing your art! We are happy to work closely with all artists to try to get their visions fulfilled! Please fill out the Creative Interactive Grants Proposal in its entirety. What you write here will be exactly what is reviewed by the Creative Interactive Grants Committee and other members of the community to fund your art! Make sure it is accurate and thorough!

We will review your submissions before posting to make sure it is up to standard, but the rest is up to you. Your budgets will be public! Please make them as clean and specific as possible!

Your budget MUST be made shareable through Google Drive.
Here is a Sample Qualifying Budget for an Creative Interactive Grants: LINK

~~~~If you have any questions or need help with your proposal, email us at . We’re here to help!~~~~

Please note, the micro grant is up to $599. In certain cases the art grant committee may decide to give a project more than $599. If that occurs, the art grant recipient will be required to fill and sign an IRS W-9 form. Artists are then responsible for reporting income and expenses.

The art grant committee and the community will vote based on the following criteria:

  • Interactivity – How interactive is the project?  In what ways does it invite the public to touch it, move it, smell it, or see it? How much does it depend on such public involvement for the artistic vision to be realized? Is it accessible to all?
  • Originality – How original is the idea, medium, design, etc.? Does that project stand out from other projects? Is it unique and thought provoking? Does it cause excitement and inspiration
  • Financial Need, Cost Effectiveness and Value – How much is the artist/performer depending on this grant? Are there any other funding options available? Is the artist/performer making a good faith effort to obtain every available funding option? Is there good value for grant money awarded; is the project feasible with budget proposed and will execution be on time as well as abide by the 10 principles?
  • Safety/Responsibility – Does the project pose an undue safety risk to the public?  If so, are there measures proscribed for reducing any risk to reasonable levels? Is the project socially responsible? Will it help create a positive social image for interactive art and Burnt Oranges?


Please note, the following items will not be funded by Burnt Oranges Inc and should not be included in the budget:

  • Tickets to event
  • Alcohol
  • Anything that violates local, state or federal laws as well as items prohibited at the event such as fire works, explosives etc.
  • Personal transportation to the event except for transportation specific to the art piece you are bringing (ex. trailer rental)
  • Lodging and/or food
  • Payments for time, labor or performers
  • Generators, computers, sound systems, tools ***


*** Generators and tools will be considered if added to budget in certain cases (ex. rentals). Please consider lending these items from friends or ask the community for assistance (do you have a maker’s space in your area or someone that enjoys making art that has all these tools). We will gladly assist with finding some of these items in your area as well as provide grant money for generator gas and tool parts if deemed relevant to project.

We would love for your art to be at our burn, so please consider creating an art piece that is open to everyone to play and interact with, not just in your camp.

All art grant recipients will be required to submit an expense report of how the art grant was used within 30 days post the event. 

If an art grant has been received and the art grant recipient can not attend, the art grant recipient is expected to return money back to sender.

Some legal stuff: Neither Burnt Oranges, Inc. or its agents, members, managers, directors, or other personnel provide any tax advice for how to handle any donations made or received in regard to art fundraising for Preheat, AfterBurn or any Burnt Oranges Inc. related events. All individuals receiving funds as a result of their participation in this event, for any reason related to this event, or any project they present at this event, are strongly encouraged to consult with their own tax or financial professionals regarding any possible tax consequences or other financial matters related thereto, or arising therefrom.

By participating in this event, you agree to hold Burnt Oranges, Inc. its agents, members, managers, directors, and other personnel harmless for any liability related to  the receipt or donation of any funds at, through, or in any way associated with this event.