AfterBurn Woodchuck and Work Day

Workday for AfterBurn will be Saturday, October 31.  Yes we know that’s Halloween, but we need volunteers to move the infrastructure items from storage to the ranch.  We also need woodchucks to cut and move the wood, along with a number of other items that come up.  Anyone who wants to lend a hand and volunteer is welcome.

We could always use an extra chainsaw.  If you have one, please bring it.  Work gloves are highly recommended.

We will start at 10am, and work until 3pm.  Please come out.  See you all there.

What: AfterBurn Woodchuck and Work Day
Where: 2505 W Bella Vista St, Lakeland, FL
When: Saturday, October 31, 2015, 10:00 AM
Why: This Burn won’t burn itself
Who: You silly. You’re the one for the job.